New Tarot Deck

I thought I wasn’t going to buy any more tarot or oracle decks. After all, I have *so* many already—both that I’ve picked out myself and from a friend who was leaving polytheism/paganism and I bought out all her stuff just to keep it out of a landfill somewhere—and honestly, I’m so attached to my favorite handful that I never use most of them.

Then I saw a review (and more importantly, pictures!) of The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid and that intention flew right out the window.


I’ve been starting to get to know it the last couple of weeks and it’s lovely. The art is just gorgeous, sort of old-photo-blurry fantasy style. And it has a bit more diversity than a lot of my elven/Fae/Faery decks, which I’m really excited about (one of my others has almost all the male characters very obviously drawn from either Legolas or Thranduil, so they all look exactly the same…which is super annoying). And the suits are Water, Air, Fire, and Earth and I have a real weakness for elemental and seasonal themed decks.


Honestly, though, as much as I loved all of those above things about this deck, the art of this one card “Messenger of Fire” is really why I bought it.

This card is the closest artwork that I’ve ever seen to what astral!me looks like. (Yes, I collect images that remind me of places and people in the Otherworlds…both art versions and real-life “if I had to make it all a movie” versions as well. 😛 ) Not perfect, but close enough to feel a little shocking when I saw the picture the first time. There’s even a ritual Out There that requires me to wear a crown of candles a bit like this. So it felt like a sign. 🙂

So far the only thing I’m not thrilled with is the book. It’s all vague affirmation-type stuff and—in my opinion—total crap. I mostly use my cards for communication and it doesn’t work if every single card is a variation on “you rock, Spirit’s got you covered, don’t worry, you can manifest anything, the Universe loves you, etc.” *sigh*

I reach a place with all my favorite decks where I just know the cards intuitively and don’t look at the book anymore, but it’s usually an organic process from doing so many readings with them. And since most of my decks are very nonstandard, the book usually helps me get started and understand any unique symbolism. This one I’m basically starting from nothing and having to sit and meditate with each card and go from there.

Maybe this is the next step in my tarot studies? It’s definitely forcing me to embrace a new level of trust in my own intuition and understanding.


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