Storm Water

It stormed here last night. We’ve had several rainy evenings this week, but this was an especially lovely rain.

(What do I expect after writing for Tefnut yesterday, right? 😉 It’s kind of A Thing. Two summers ago when I was making the statues for my Neteru altar it was very dry…but every day that I worked on Her statue, it unexpectedly rained when it wasn’t forecasted. Since then, any time we really needed the rain I could handle her statue and/or light incense before it and every time it’s rained within 72 hours and all but once or twice before nightfall.)

Unlike the previous rains, there was even some thunder and lightning and lots of wind this time. It’s exactly the sort of storm that’s my favorite, so I sat outside on the porch with it for a few hours.

And unexpectedly, I felt this overwhelming nudge to collect some of the rainwater. I’ve never collected storm water like this…and honestly I’m not really sure why or what I’m supposed to do with it. For now I’ve just sealed it up in a special jar and I guess I’ll find out. 🙂




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