Going Dark For A While

Hi, everyone. Over the last couple of days I’ve been doing a lot of serious thinking and discussing with my People about my stress and feelings of overwhelm and how best I can move forward from here. And so as part of changes, I’ve set to private all of my posts here but this one.

My spiritual life has grown and shifted over the last couple years I’ve been writing here (and me with it) more than I would ever have anticipated and I’m in another intense period of evolution now. I need to focus on my practice and my relationships and my own transformation. Not finding words or being able to make logical sense of everything in real time. Not worrying about crossing a line in the wildly shifting sands of what I’m allowed to talk about publicly. Not making myself feel even more vulnerable and exposed during an already difficult “cocoon” period.

Nothing’s deleted so it may reappear again later. And I’m a writer and a storyteller at heart and so I feel almost certain I’ll return to blogging again in the future, either here or starting a new site. (And if it ends up being the latter, then I’ll give a heads up here.)

I’m not quitting or giving up or walking away at all. I’m not even taking a break from anything but public writing. I’m not leaving WordPress and I’ll continue and read and keep up with everybody I follow. And my Etsy shop is still open and I’ll keep posting pictures from my day-to-day over on Instagram.

Thanks for understanding. ❤


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