About Me

I am devoted to the Neteru, the Gods of Ancient Egypt. I am sworn and collared to Anpu (Anubis) since April 30, 2015 and I married Him on June 21, 2016.  ❤

I’m elf-souled. My previous (original) incarnation was non-corporeal and I’m still recognized as that person when I travel Over There. I’m part of a traveling group of spirits from mixed Otherworld origins but who identify under the general umbrella of “elves” and who call themselves the Free Court. The live in the liminal spaces of the astral plane—the “No Man’s Lands” between lore-named Otherworlds. Most of our ancestors believed we had ties to other entities than just Gods and Goddesses who made up our spiritual families; this is mine.

I also have a past-life connection to Asgard and spent a long time in my previous incarnation and a brief span of this life in the service of Asgard. Although I no longer have any official affiliation with the Aesir or Their world, it’s an important part of who I’ve been and I still carry some of those traditions and connections with me.

I’m a trained Classicist, student of languages, and archaeologist. Gods-willing within the next few years I’ll be returning to school to earn my PhD.

I’m a spirit-worker and much of my practice is experience and direct-contact based. I love mythology and lore but many of the folks I work with come from outside the scope of the written works. Sometimes my path feels like being parachuted into a foreign country without a guidebook and I don’t have it all figured out yet. That’s the adventure…


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