All The Others

I honor the Neteru, the Gods of Ancient Egypt. Anpu (Anubis) is my love and master, but He is not the only One who holds a place in my heart and practice: my adoptive mother, Aset (Isis); His siblings Anupet and Wepwawet and His daughter Kebechet; His mother Nebet Het (Nephthys) and father Ausar (Osirirs) Wadjet, who has long been one of my protectors; Het Heru (Hathor); Set; and a number of Others.

I also interact with a group of mixed-heritage elf spirits called the Free Court who live in the liminal spaces of the astral plane. I don’t worship them; they’re my Over There family and people. The ones I mention most on this blog are my Grandfather Elán and Grandma Eshla, who are their king and queen, my twin brother Kintár and Raen (who are also my husbands in a triad), and “Cat-sensei” who is teaching me the ins and outs of being a Cat-shifter in astral. There are a number of other spirit companions I have contact with also and although non-deity spirits seem to be largely overlooked in modern polytheist practice, I’m not going to deny that part of my experience.

Loki and Freyja, who have been friends and helped guide me along the difficult path I have walked to where I am today; I am ever grateful.