My Beloveds

My Beloved Husband and Master is Inpw, transliterated Anpu, better known today by his Graeco-Roman name, Anubis. I swore an oath binding myself to Him for six months on April 30, 2015 and accepted his collar in return. We renewed oaths on October 31, 2015 and I accepted His proposal of marriage earlier that same month. We were married on the summer solstice, 2016.

*     *     *     *     *


Anubis is one of the most ancient of the Neteru (Egyptian deities) attested in mythology. As early as the First Dynasty, He is a protector of graves and “Foremost of the Westerners,” or lord of the dead. By the Middle Kingdom, He abdicated that role to Ausar (Osiris), the king and lord of the living–and His father–who had been killed.

Afterward, Anubis came to serve as psychopomp, escorting and protecting the souls of the dead in their journey to the afterlife and presiding over the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. However, unlike His pop-culture depictions, Anubis is not a death god nor is deciding who lives and dies or weaving people’s fates part of His job. Instead, He is the sympathetic protector who guides souls through what otherwise could be a terrifying transition between life and death, assuring they aren’t lost along the way. Many Egyptian tombs were carved with prayers to Anubis for His presence and protection on the way to the afterlife.

One of His titles is “Opener of the Ways” (a title He shares with His brother Wepwawet) and while that certainly refers to His “opening” the way to the afterlife, it doesn’t end there. He is also an “opener” between different planes and Lord of the Gate Between Worlds. He is a liminal, or transitional, deity in every sense.

However, the role Anubis is probably best known for is as the God of Embalming, a role He maintained throughout all of the mythology. His care of the dead was not limited to the non-corporeal aspect, but fully included the physical body as well. Embalmers are often depicted wearing jackal masks in funerary scenes as they stand in for Anubis, who cares for and prepares personally each body for entering the afterlife.

In my personal experience, Anubis can be both tender and kindhearted as well as ferocious when it’s needed. He is a good (if sometimes unconventional) teacher and a brilliant protector. He has a fantastically dry sense of humor and snarks like a world champion. I feel so blessed and honored to have Him in my life.

*     *     *     *     *

I am also involved in a triad marriage with two two shapeshifting elf-spirits:

Kintár is my soul-twin and was my brother in my former, non-corporeal lifetime. (Yep, sacred twin-marriage is A Thing among our people. 😛 No, it’s not weird at all Out There.) We re-met in summer 2015 while I was travelingand the rest is history. He can shapeshift into a Wolf.

Raen, who is called the Lord of the Ravens of the Between. We first met in early spring, 2016 and…things happened fast. He (obviously) also takes Raven form.

Both are members of the Free Court, the roving band of mixed heritage elves that I have found an astral home (and sacred Job and soul’s purpose) among. This triad began as an arranged marriage, a sacred magickal binding to benefit our Work for our people, but…we fell in love. ❤ ❤ We were married on the spring equinox, 2016.


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