I’m Back! Sort Of…

Hi, everyone!

New year, new beginning…and I find myself ready to return to the world and to writing. It’s been a transformational journey for me these last, long months and while my path hasn’t really changed—developed, absolutely; changed, not so much—I’ve changed.

I’ve also realized just how far I am from the life I thought I’d be living and the path I thought I was on when I first began this blog almost three years ago. I was lost, stumbling around in the dark on instinct to answer a call home I didn’t yet understand, with Anubis my sole lifeline and guiding star. And now, there’s so much more.

So this will be my last post here at Bound to Anpu. I’ve decided instead of returning to writing here to start afresh and so I invite everyone to join me over at my new site, Spiraling Labyrinth. And if not, thanks for walking the road with me this far. ❤

It’s been a hell of a ride, but it’s time to close this chapter and start the next one. 🙂